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On the 26th of February 2015 our good friend, founding member of and contributor to the Ring, composer of alternative and classical music, teacher, tennis and formula 1 racing enthusiast, passed away. He was 62 years of age and is survived by his his widow Faith and father Herb. We miss him dearly. His compositions and performances are still available via these links: State Of Enchantment and Classical.

After a few life changes, relocations, and new alliances, the new CD, Then and Now, has finally been released! With help from Ken Varane on bass, Spensser Haynes on guitar, Joe Deadwood on drums, and Lars Keyes on keyboards, it was recorded at Mill Road and Hominy Hill Studios, and mastered by The SoundLab at Disc Makers. You can listen to clips in the MP3s section of the site.

3 sound-proofed rooms isolated by glass. Check it out among the photos. With heat, air-conditioning, and excellent digital recording facilities, we've begun work on our next project ...

Thanks Guy, for your indelible spirit, integrity, dedication, time, and many contributions. We will miss you, carry you in our hearts, and wish you all the success in the world. The beat goes on ...

Two years in the making, originally recorded by Mike Brown, mastered by Brian Anthony, the band's long awaited debut CD, Upstairs at Ernie's, has been released! In the MP3s section of the site, you can play a few sound clips to wet your appetite. Meanwhile, something else is brewing in the cauldron ...

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